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The faculty members in Department of Food Science come from diverse backgrounds and cover a wide range of specialties. Our research relating to three major fields such as: the usage of food bioresource, development of processing techniques and food analysis technique.
Some majors of current research projects include:
  1. Isolation and identification of food microbiology
  2. Improvement and development of new technique for bioresource
  3. Development of health food and novel food processing and packaging techniques
  4. Biological activity evaluation of functional food Technical development and research on evaluation analysis
Our courses have been enlarged to include four major areas, food processing and engineering, food chemistry and nutrition, food microbiology and biotechnique and applied sciences, as well as the introduction to the concept of novel food industries, such as health food, molecular biology, biotech, novel food technique, food analysis etc. Our mission is to educate and train student to become multi skilled talent in food industry.

Our department owns a fermentation factory, food processing factory, food analysis analytical and technical service center etc. Our department provides a huge range of facilities to look after our students during their education experience